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Brittany King

I'm a writer and social media guru.

Writing stories that uplift marginalized voices. Bylines in MIZZOU alumni magazine, The Establishment and Pacific Standard. Got a story idea? Let's chat:

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Why You Must Start Loving Yourself Today

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your way to class, just got out of the shower or if you’re lounging on the couch. You’ve got to love everything that your body can do — as is — right now.

You Don't Have to Vote, But You've Got to Do Something

It's not enough just to sit on Twitter and complain, make a difference.

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The Gap Kids ad — it IS that deep

Black people don't have the privilege of standing for just themselves

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Why brands aren't winning with black millennials on Twitter — and ...

The struggle brands must overcome is the need to stay true to the brand and the want for really great engagement on Twitter.

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What Mizzou professor Melissa Click being fired really means -

Protests at the University of Missouri were never about Click, but she was definitely collateral damage.

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What we can learn from Red Lobster's Flop Tweet -

You can't expect a brand to respond to something their team doesn't even understand.

11 tips to get graduating seniors through the last semester -

Your peers success does not equal your demise, they can make it and so can you.

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This is why I want to thank Stacey Dash -

This is why I want to thank Stacey Dash

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There are a lot of things I dread doing: waking up early, shaving my legs, running. But nothing causes me as much anxiety as applying for jobs.