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Brittany King

I'm a writer and social media guru.

Writing stories that uplift marginalized voices. Bylines in MIZZOU alumni magazine, The Establishment and Pacific Standard. Got a story idea? Let's chat:

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Thought Catalog

I Thought People Like Me “Didn’t Get Depression"

When my first therapist told me that I had depression I didn’t believe her. I had too many things to be thankful for and happy about to be depressed. Frankly, I thought that I was too busy for depression, as if it was something that those who suffer get to choose.

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Thought Catalog

Diversity In Advertisements Starts With Diversity In The Agency

Stop talking about it and be about it.

Photo Credit: Mad Men

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Thought Catalog

On Being Told Your Biology Is "Unprofessional"

There is nothing wrong or unprofessional about the way hair grows out of a black woman's scalp....

Thought Catalog

5 Worthless Pieces Of ‘Advice’ You’ll Hear In Your 20’s | Thought Catalog

5 Worthless Pieces Of ‘Advice’ You’ll Hear In Your ...

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Thought Catalog

Twitter Isn’t Dying: Here Are 3 Things Twitter Is Doing Better Than Anyone Else

It is a news outlet for the generation that doesn’t read the newspaper.

Photo credit: shawncampbell via / CC BY

Thought Catalog

Hiring A Handful Of Black People Who Will Be Gone In A Year Is Not ...

Hiring A Handful Of Black People Who Will Be Gone I...

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Thought Catalog

4 Things About Planned Parenthood That Your Facebook Friends Keep Ignoring

It’s true. Nothing shows your ignorant Facebook friend’s true colors better than a national (or international) tragedy. You go through this every time. An unarmed black teenager is shot, Facebook f......

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Thought Catalog

Guys: Here's What Girls Really Think of Your Hairstyle

Here’s the thing about man buns that I don’t understand, why is it such a big deal to have one? I mean women have been wearing topknots and messy buns for years, where’s our award?...

Thought Catalog

21 Lessons Learned In 21 Years Of Living

Staying in touch with high school friends is not as easy as you’d think, but the ones that are supposed to stay in your life, will....

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Thought Catalog

Black Lives Matter. My Life Matters.

I’m here to dispute the idea that we are all equal. We are not. Not talking about it is not going to make it go away....

Thought Catalog

Black Women Are Beautiful

I don’t "speak well for a black girl," and I’m not "cute for a black girl," either....